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Rebel Markets

The place for political art.

Rebel Markets is a place where users can share art, discuss politics, and champion the cause of their choice.

Never before has there been a place specifically built for political art. With Rebel Markets not only can you share your work, but you can bring visibility to a cause through your art. If you want to fundraise for this casue, just sell your art through Rebel Markets!

By incorporating a seamless payment experience, we create a one stop shop where the users never have to leave. It's like a cash treadmill!

Roles: Sole Producer
Technologies: Built in 10 days using Angular.js (v- 1.5), SASS, Paypal API, Postgres, Express, JSON Web Tokens


Shows the price of each airline ticket.

Fly-Buy shows users the prices other people paid for flights. Fly-Buy displays the Dollar amount of each ticket as well as the dates, airline, flight number, and purchase location of each airplane ticket. We made this app based on the need consumers have, which is the ability to make informed purchases of airline tickets, based on accurate and available information.

Ultimately, the aim of providing the Fly-Buy service is to show users how much their peers paid on a given flight, and by extension, the information one needs to know whether or not they got a good deal and how to get a better deal in the future.

Keeping user experience at the core of our product, we made sure to include features that help the user navigate our app. These usability features include automatic form populating, null-use case handling, table sorting features as well as a clean, clear, and navigable interface.

Roles: Designer, Front end, Back end, and API routes.
Technologies: Angular.js, Express, D3.js, SASS, google+


Research a hike beforehand.

Trail Mix is a modern, full-stack web-application. Trail Mix arose from a real-world need hikers have, which is to know relevant information about a hike before actually hiking the trail. Taking our users’ needs and lifestyles to heart, we crafted a mobile-first design. Before writing a single line of code, our team pored over countless wireframes, making sure the UX would be sleek and intuitive.

By keeping the scope of the project simple, our team was able to provide attention to every detail and execute the idea all the way through so that the Trail Mix software supports every use-case, even the null use cases. On the back end of the app, we ensure the security of our users through the use of Google social authentication,

which not only authenticates each user but also provides a seamless and secure experience by protecting and persisting their personal information all the way through each session. As a result of the decision to build the app using JavaScript all the way through the stack, our product is fast and is supported by all browsers. Won’t you check it out? https://www.trailmix.in

Roles: Designer, Front end, Back end, and API routes.
Technologies: Hadlebar.js, Express, SASS, Google Map API

Tate Tucker

High tech. music marketing website.

Made using awesome .js technologies This website animates Tate's very own handwriting, giving it a personal and interactive feel.

The site is fully resonsive, and nothing on each song page is static. Each song page boasts a link to soundcloud via tonden,

a paginating coursel, as well as self-typing song lyrics - all meant to entice the user and promote the content.

Roles: Designer, Front end, Back end, and API routes.
Technologies: Toneden.js, Raphael.js, lazylinepainter.js, CSS3, HTML5, typed.js

Times Machine

Search the New York Times api 2.0

Times Machine was a weekend project inspired by the desire to puruse the New York TImes content without the clutter of ads.

The design is minimal, with a focus on typography and readability.

The result is a beautiful, elegant way to the search the New York TImes API for any subject you would like their take on.

Roles: Sole Producer
Technologies: .js, HTML5, CSS3, New York Times API 2.0

Student IDeals

E-commerce platform for college student discounts.

We enable all students to pick up their phones and easily identify student-friendly spaces around them.

Our mission is simple: to help students take control of their commerce experience and get more every time.

We're social, local, and mobile. Our service makes discounts transparent and easily shareable with friends.

Roles: Lead Front-end Designer, Lead Front end Developer, Product Owner.
Technologies: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, JS, Appcelerator, iOS

Fun, little, projects


See the twitter timeline and voting history
of US congressional reps.

Sine Wave

See the sounds you make on the keyboard

Sine Wave is a musical instrument that you play with your keyboard. While playing the keybord keys, one can also see the sounds they are making. More specifically,

the user can see the frequencies of the sounds that are being printed to an HTML5 canvass element, after being interpreted by the HTML5 audio API.

To see the source code, and to play the Sine Wave piano, please click thorugh to the site or visit the github repository. https://github.com/alexUXUI/Sine-Wave-Piano

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